We offer a complete execution
from a draft to the final product,
assembl and service included.

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We are a stable company
with more than 70-year old tradition

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Conveyors, woodworking technologies, grinders and sorters

We cut with water jet, oxygen,
plasma, sawing and engraving

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  • Design of complete technological complexes including 3D visualization
  • Sheet metal cutting, shearing and bending
  • Welding, machining and heat processing of metals
  • Completions, surface treatments including sanding and varnishing
  • Production of single-purpose machines and equipment
  • 3D printing, engraving and part labeling
  • Assembly, service and repairs
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Sedlická strojírna, s.r.o.

  • The history dates back to the year 1951.

  • more than sixty wood processing plants were built

  • a pair of technologies for waste processing

  • Hundreds of transportation devices of all types

  • Many different single-purpose devices

  • All our production comes from one place


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